Wondering whether an LED display ad is right for your business? Here’s a short, handy list of the advantages of using this incredibly appealing medium for promoting your product or service. 

If you’ve ever been to Las Vegas, then you’ve see what an LED display can do. These displays light up your message in a brilliant, impossible-to-ignore glow that’s impressive, eye-catching, and beautiful.

But the Las Vegas strip isn’t the only place you can witness the magic of LED display advertising. Businesses of all sizes are now using the technology to promote their brand in every city and town, wherever outdoor media can be placed for maximum effectiveness.

Thinking of Trying Out an LED Display Billboard?

Here are the main advantages of LED display in advertising.

1. It’s Cost Effective. Compare LED display advertising to the cost of advertising on television or in newspapers and magazines and it compares very favorably in cost.

2. It’s Easy to Set Up. If you can operate a computer, then you’re set to go with running an LED display ad. Think of the LED billboard as a computer monitor- everything is controlled digitally with very simple settings and an intuitive interface.

3. It’s Fast and Easy to Update Your Ad. Again, since everything is digital, you can make changes very easily: every day if you like!

4. It’s Energy Efficient. Compared to incandescent lighting, LED technology offers a very significant energy savings. Think of the old-style billboards which have to be lit at night with a spotlight. LED displays are far more energy efficient.

5. It’s Diverse. LED advertisements aren’t just for billboards, either. You’ve probably seen them at sporting events, at busy intersections, in shopping malls, and even at public transportation hubs. They can be created on any scale, from poster size to wall size and up to billboard dimensions. Of course at sporting events at large stadiums, they can be even larger, for attracting the attention of thousands of people at once.


Whether it’s for their “green” properties or the way they make your ads appear dazzling and exciting, LED display ads make a great choice for upgrading your advertising campaign and attracting a whole new audience to your business.

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