Outdoor advertising may not carry the same “coolness” factor as digital media advertising, but its benefits may actually go deeper. 

If there’s one thing that business owners know, it’s the incredible power of a recognizable brand. However, knowing that branding is important is a far cry from knowing how to achieve brand recognition. One answer is to take full advantage of the benefits of outdoor advertising.

The problem is, many business owners simply have no idea where to start with outdoor advertising. What’s more, most feel they’re not artistic enough to come up with a visually-compelling branding concept. But with today’s new formats for out-of-home advertising, it’s easier than ever to gain exposure for your brand.

Why Outdoor Advertising Works

Outdoor advertising (also called “out-of-home” (OOH) advertising because consumers see it when they’re not at home) has progressed by light years in the past decade. It’s new, it’s digital, it’s “mobile”, and can be totally entertaining if done right.

Here are the advantages of outdoor advertising:

  1. It Captures Lots of Views. Picture this: your branding message on the side of a building that sees heavy foot or vehicle traffic every day. Get the picture?
  2. It’s Cost-Effective. OOH advertising has some of the lowest CPM rates in advertising.
  3. It increases the impact of online advertising. Actually, OOH strengthens any other form of advertising by extending the reach of online, TV, and radio campaigns.
  4. It’s fast. Because you can capture an audience where they wait for the bus, work, shop, or hang out at night, you’re capturing their attention the instant your ad goes up.
  5. It’s highly targeted. By carefully researching the right environment for your OOH, you have the ability to choose a highly targeted audience for your campaign.
  6. It’s Visually Very Exciting. Whether it’s a junior poster, a wall mural, or a digital billboard, outdoor advertising has the potential to deliver a very powerful impact.
  7. It’s attention-grabbing. OOH advertising includes not just billboard and posters but also bus benches, kiosks, bike racks and panels in shopping malls… places that are bound to get noticed when covered with your branding message.
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