How Do You Position Your Brand on the Fast-track to Success?

The Canadian Grand Prix

“Take risks now and do something bold. You won’t regret it.” – Elon Musk

Successful brand marketing is down to two things: 1) solid product and 2) the right platform. How do you ensure your brand is projected effectively? A high-profile event like the Canadian Grand Prix is a fantastic starting point!

Having been present in Montreal since 1978, the Canadian Grand Prix is a major national attraction. Over 300,000 individuals, passionate for food, culture, and fast cars, flock to the bustling streets of Montreal to get a taste of what this powerhouse event has to offer. The Grand Prix is housed in over 20 countries worldwide and in 2014 it had a reported viewership of 425 million. With a global spotlight of this scale, the Canadian Grand Prix is the perfect platform for companies aiming to reach the masses.

HP, a titan in their own right, did not miss any of the action. Lash Vision ensured their presence during the three-day assembly from June 9th -11th. Taking advantage of the heavy foot-traffic, we branded the entire length of the Cosmos Bridge (207 meters to be exact!) in HP Creative. The bridge served as the main access point to the racing event.

Apart from race day, Montreal’s Crescent Street hosts an outdoor festival where thousands of locals and international attendees can explore and experience the plethora of fine dining restaurants and high end retailers within the downtown core. Maiko Sushi, specializing in fine Japanese cuisine, was featured exclusively on Lash Visions fleet of mobile LED screens during the Crescent festivities, reaching thousands of potential diners.

Attending such occasions is not something new to Lash Vision. We actively attend popular events granting companies a stage to demonstrate their creations and share their voice. By doing so, we successfully portray their innovations to an audience whom otherwise may not have been reached. Through bringing these ideals to the forefront, we add value to your respective visions. Having special access to these events allows us to provide you with a great reach and a proper platform. We use our unique resources and seasoned experience to present your vision in the best way possible.