LED Screens in Marketing – Why Quality Counts 

We are changing the world with technology.” – Bill Gates

With people being so overexposed to visual content, how do you make your own message stand out? Here at Lash Vision, we go big. The LED screens we use are some of the biggest in the business, but we don’t let size diminish the quality of our work.

So why do we use LED screens? Light-emitting diodes (LED) technology has already proven to be of higher quality than most other screen types. Like the name suggests, an LED screen uses a large framework of smaller lights, called diodes, to provide a vibrant image. Each of these diodes is capable of producing over 16 million colours with an incredibly wide range of brightness. This means that our screens can produce over 40,000 pixels per meter squared. On top of that, our screens refresh at a rate of 400 hertz, over three times quicker than the fastest TVs on the market today.

LED screens are not only great at emitting vibrant colours with stunning resolution, but they also manage this with ease in extreme weather conditions. This guarantees that our screens can be clearly viewed in almost any weather, from the brightest sunlight to pouring rain. Combine this with the fact that LED screens are the most eco-friendly option on the market today and you have the perfect screens to bring your advertisement to the streets.

Once you’ve caught your customer’s attention with the crystal-clear image of our screens, it’s time to get their ears’ attention as well. All of our platforms are fully equipped with a sound system that matches the quality of our screens. Our speaker system will guarantee that your ad will reach people in more ways than one, thanks to our state of the art sound quality and amplification.

With such a crowded advertising market, making sure that your ad is seen is the best way to get your product known. Lash Vision is here to make sure that your ad is not only seen, but that it is viewed in the best possible way. Our fleet of mobile LED screens is perfect for marketing your product on a level that no other medium can achieve. The service we provide is tailored to maximize the exposure and reach of your ad. Our trucks provide over 20 square meters of screen space, with two full-size screens that are over 4 meters long. We also supply an additional screen at the back of the truck, just in case. The screens have an extremely wide viewing angle that provides crystal clear images from up to 50 meters away, meaning that regardless of where your audience is standing, your ad will be in the spotlight.

Our service allows you to bring your message to your customers in a way that no one else can accomplish. We provide our clients with access to the largest festivals and busiest shopping centers across Canada and the U.S. with the very best screens in the industry. Are you ready to go mobile?