Frequently Asked Questions

What kind of LED screens do you use?

Our mobile platforms are fitted with premium quality P5 outdoor LED display screens. P5 means that the distance between each pixel – also known as the “pitch” – is 5mm, and the recommended viewing distance for an ideal image is 5 metres. The optimal resolution for our trucks’ side screens is 756 X 336 pixels, and the rear screen is 336 X 336 pixels.


What kind of content can I broadcast on your screens?

Our mobile platforms are equipped to broadcast still images, video and audio. We recommend using video content on our side screens to maximise the impact of your ad. We generally run content in 15 or 30 second spots – meaning that ads you are already running on TV or online can be easily adapted for our mobile screens. Full specs for images, video and audio can be found here (link to specs pdf).


What if I don’t have any content to broadcast on your screens?

If you do not have a 15 or 30 second video or picture montage available, our media production team can create one for you! Just provide us with a logo, various still images or videos, and any information you would like to display.

Our services include filming a video commercial, editing existing commercial spots, and providing direction on the creative process. There are no royalties attached to our production services and you will have master rights to use the spot for future endeavours.


Do your screens still work in the daytime? What about during winter?

We use cutting edge LED technology in our screens to ensure that your content looks beautiful in daylight and at night. Our screens are fully weather-proof and operate year-round.


How eco-friendly are your mobile screens?

If you’re looking for outdoor advertising without the paper waste, our mobile screens are a great choice.

Paper vs Digital

  • Eliminate paper waste associated with print advertisements
  • No chemicals or dyes required for our high colour images
  • No need to reprint – digital creative can be edited updated with no environmental impact

LED: the eco-friendly choice

  • LED screens use significantly less energy than alternatives like LCD or plasma
  • Minimal heat generation means there is no need for special cooling components
  • Long-life screens mean that our technology can be reused for countless future campaigns

High quality design & build

  • We build our own mobile LED screen platforms here in Quebec to ensure the highest quality product
  • Designed with lightweight, recycled materials to minimise energy consumption
  • Durable design can withstand inclement weather, increasing the lifespan of our screens and reducing the need to build more


Do you offer other outdoor media placements, beyond your mobile platforms?

Yes – our outdoor media services extend to stationary billboards, roadside banners and other more traditional out-of-home placements. However, the vast majority of our clients choose Lash Vision’s mobile LED billboards, as they are the most effective way to gain impressions and engage large numbers of customers at eye level.

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