HP this year unveiled a strikingly bold and thought-provoking campaign entitled #GetReal – aimed at getting people to think about digital habits and how to achieve balance in their lives. We were briefed by HP in a competitive pitch to develop an experience that would make people think about how “unreal” our lives have become. And so we took to Toronto this past weekend to deliver an HP experience that was fun, unique and unforgettable, and would bring people back in touch with reality leading into the holiday season.

This project struck us as a great opportunity and challenge; as experiential marketers, we crave ways to connect people with brands through authentic first-hand experiences. What better way to extol the magic of real, face-to-face interaction than through experiential marketing – a medium where this is king? And – as with all our experiential work – it allowed our creative team to dream big and think outside-the-box.

As an agency at the forefront of activation technology innovation, our team developed a two phased approach; the first brought to light people’s obsession with the digital world and the second provided opportunities for people to come back to what is ‘real’ and important in life.

For phase one, we custom built a 20-ft long digital tunnel that overwhelmed people’s senses with all that is digital, featuring floor to ceiling screens. Peoples passing through were encouraged to login to their social media which was then blasted through the tunnel in a private screening of their online footprint.

We also tied key campaign messaging into this experience featuring intriguing statistics — ‘almost 50% of couples use their phones to ignore each other’ — and punchy campaign communications —‘did you get my DM about my text about my email’. This worked to tie the personalized experience back to the idea that the digital world has consumed many of the real moments that are important in life.

But there was light at the end of the tunnel too – the digital tunnel led directly into phase two, a giant 30ft igloo dome reveling in everything analogue, tactile and real.


The interior of the dome in Toronto at Lash Vision Media's #GetReal experiential marketing event with HP


Statistics showed that this holiday, the average family would spend over 250 hours in front of a screen. In an effort to counter this, HP launched a webpage with 250+ hours of fun, printable activities for people to complete with friends and family. The #GetReal dome featured these activities front and center along with fun pop-quizzes, scoring people on how “real” they are, take away photo prints, warm cups of hot cocoa and tactile toy giveaways for kids.

Running from Thursday November 14th through Saturday November 16th, we had over 85,000 in foot traffic and over 9,000 engagements for the Get Real experiential campaign. Performing beyond anyone’s expectations, the activation certainly made an impact and drew strong reactions. The overwhelming response was that people resonated and identified with the issues raised by HP about digital balance.

In the middle of Dundas Square, one of Toronto’s busiest hubs, filled with building plastered with digital billboards, our activation helped serve as a reprieve in a place where it can be easy to lose touch with what’s real. The activation successfully broadcasted HP’s Get Real campaign to a wider audience with the help of our team of exceptional brand ambassadors, who helped bring a much needed human touch to the experience. 

“We found that our tunnel truly had a profound effect on people,” says Alexandra Spicer, Lash Vision Media’s Account Director who led the team on this project. “We curated an experience that ignited the shock factor we were looking to provoke in people. It was amazing to see our team’s entire concept turning into real conversations and important reflection on our digital lives.

“There were so many unique and powerful personal reactions with individuals throughout the course of the activation. We were in no way telling people to stop digitally activity, we simply offered a friendly reminder to not lose touch with the real moments that are so integral to our lives.”

We’re constantly looking for ways to break new ground in brand experiences. To discuss how our team can curate a custom solution to your brand’s marketing needs, get in touch.


A participant walks down the digital tunnel as part of Lash Vision Media's experiential marketing event with HP in Toronto

Lash Vision Media's LED digital installation in Toronto's Dundas Square