Holiday season advertising: How can you stand out?

The stats are in, and it seems there’s no better time to advertise than the 2017 holiday season. According to PWC, Canadian consumers are planning on spending an average of $1,507 each this upcoming season. Almost two-thirds of holiday shopping is forecast to take place in-store. That’s a lot of foot traffic – and a huge opportunity for your brand to reach new customers.

From November through January, we know that downtown Toronto and Montreal will be filled with potential customers and visitors purchasing gifts for their family, friends and loved ones. With a huge number of brands competing for attention at this time of year, many customers will become overwhelmed and disengage with traditional media such as TV and radio. How do you get your message to cut through all that noise?

At Lash Vision Media, we offer fresh and unique alternatives to traditional advertising. With our targeted, city-specific campaigns in the 2017 holiday season, we’re able to average 1,000,000 impressions per campaign. Stand out from the crowd with something bold, memorable and engaging – the results will speak for themselves!

Lash Vision Media LED outdoor advertising

A full-sensory brand experience

Our LED mobile screens broadcast your ad in full colour, motion and sound. Positioned at eye-level in high traffic areas, the screens maximize visibility of your message and promote customer engagement in a novel and memorable way.

Quality comes first

We use cutting edge LED technology with the best quality screens in North America – and they’re eco-friendly, too! There are no rainchecks here: Lash Vision mobile billboards are weather resistant and look beautiful through day and night. Read more about our LED screens here.

Why stop at outdoor advertising?

We believe in taking a multi-layered approach to marketing, harnessing both physical and digital platforms to maximise reach and engagement. Our dedicated team will work with you to tailor a campaign that’s specific to your audience and message. Whether you are dreaming up an experiential marketing event, need brand ambassadors for an activation, or want to implement a strategy-driven social media campaign, Lash Vision Media can help you make the most of this holiday season.

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