The Benefits of Brand Activation

At Lash Vision, we help our clients reach their audience by using nothing but the most cutting edge marketing strategies. These brand activation strategies allow our clients to not only gain brand recognition, but a positive reputation as well. With everyone being constantly bombarded by ads, it’s becoming increasingly difficult to make your brand stand out. Specialized events like brand activations can help make sure that people don’t see your product as just another billboard, but as a brand that you’ve carefully crafted for them.

A brand activation is an arduous process, and Lash Vision has helped dozens of clients through it. The importance of careful planning during a brand activation can’t be overstated, so having an experienced party on board is indispensable. Your brand is unique, and your presentation should be as well. Lash Vision is here to help make sure that when people think of your product, it’s in the way that you want them to think of it.

How specific do you want your audience appeal to be?

Marketing your brand towards a specific customer base has proven to build stronger connections between you and your customers. The drawback lies in the fact that the more specific your target becomes, the fewer people you will actually build this connection with. The key to maximizing the effect for your brand is going to be a client-specific approach to scale. At Lash Vision, we have the expertise to help you decide what’s best for your marketing needs.

Is a direct-marketing approach best for generating immediate transactions, or is it better used for building long term emotional connections between the brand and the customer?

Simply put, direct marketing can achieve both. Activations are a great way to showcase your brand, which can be extremely effective at building trust with your audience. When you allow your audience to interact with our brand on a personal level, you are creating a long-lasting emotional bond. This experience is likely to be shared and remembered by all parties involved.

What do current marketing analytics suggest about your brand at present? How can we implement your CRM (customer relationship management) to best reach your client base?

When working with any client, it’s important to take a close look at past and current analytics in conjunction with what their customer relationship management says about this data. Each brand will be vastly different in this regard, both in terms of statistics and objectives. Within this data is a trove of valuable information that will aid you in unlocking the potential of your brand.

So what’s the secret behind activating your brand? Taking a closer look at your current customers allows you to create a presentation that is perfect for your audience. A good presentation allows you to strengthen your relationship with clients, while also building as many new relationships as possible.

Are you ready to activate? Get in touch now to find out how Lash Vision can help.