1. SNCF… Europe is just next door.

How many times have you wished you could just teleport to another country?

Well you’re in luck, French Railway company, SNCF, hit the streets with a unique and interactive experiential marketing campaign that allows you to do just that!

SNCF used this campaign to promote popular European destinations that they serviced during the holiday season, allowing consumers to physically open the door to another city.



SNCF placed doors that ‘led to another country’ in high traffic areas across various countries. These doors had a digital screen and two-way camera with hired individuals who welcomed you on a journey in their respective country.

By adding simple, interactive components like a stationary bike or bench, it truly helped bring the experience of being in that country to life!

Consumers were able to engage with the actors in the other countries and get an immersive experience of what it would feel like to take a walk or bike ride through these countries.

As a travel provider, the market is saturated, and it can be difficult to stand out from the rest. By utilizing experiential marketing, SNCF has been able to create an emotional connection between the consumer, country, and brand.

2. Fortnite… where we droppin’ boys? In the Cali desert.

You don’t need to be a hardcore gamer to have heard of the legendary #fortnite game. What you may not know is that they took experiential marketing to a whole new level by incorporating the game into real life.

What started as a seemingly innocent tweet, turned into an internet sensation overnight with Fortnite gamers losing their minds wondering… is there actually a piece of the game IN REAL LIFE?

At the end of Season 6 in Fortnite, you can see the Durr Burger zap out of the game, but it was not clear whether it had disappeared for good or would be brought back into the game somewhere else.

Epic Games took the opportunity to bring an experience unlike anything ever done before.

A photographer was in the California desert looking for shooting locations when he “stumbled upon” the Durr Burger… in real life! The seemingly innocent tweet went viral overnight with Fortnite gamers losing their minds wondering if it was real or photoshopped.

Turns out, it was real! Epic Games setup a site in the middle of the California desert with secret agents who would hand out cards with a private number, abandoned police cars, and of course the Durr Burger itself.

Giving consumers the opportunity to visit the site and immerse themselves into the game in real life was an exceptional move.

Once the new season commenced, we can see that the Durr Burger gets zapped into a new location in the game and low and behold *poof* it disappeared from the California desert.

Epic Games and Fortnite are at the forefront of relevancy with their consumers – they are constantly bringing pop culture references directly into the game and now it looks like they are the bringing the game to real life. 

3. BeautyRest… A Classical Sleepover with 200 Strangers

At SXSW, an immersive film festival, Beauty Rest put 200 strangers to sleep for 8 hours. While a sleepover with over 200 people may sound a bit nerve wrecking, they brought in Max Richter, German classical music artist, for a relaxing and beautiful experience.

Max Richter made his debut in the US at this event and showcased a live 8-hour composition for all 200 people. All these people got to enjoy, relax, and have probably one of the greatest and most relaxing sleeps of their life.

Whether they slept or simply dozed in and out while enjoying the music, its an immersive experience unlike any other.

It gives BeautyRest the opportunity to sample their mattress with over 200 people whilst also creating a mental association in the consumers mind between their brand and relaxation/comfort. This experiential marketing campaign certainly prompts individuals to consider investing in a new mattress after having such a beautiful and relaxing experience.

4. Booking.com… 36,000 Sequins to Sparkle & Dazzle Your Holidays

This past holiday season, Booking.com partnered with famous fashion designer Christian Cowan and brought his sparkling vision to life.

Taking over a 4 story, 2000 sq-ft, Soho townhouse in Central London, inside it’s been covered in 36,000 sequins, 100kgs of eco-friendly glitter, 2km of metallic streamers, and 52,000 mirror ball facets.

“I’ve had so much fun collaborating with Booking.com on the townhouse design – this is the first time I’ve channeled my vision into an amazing place to stay,” Christian Cowan explained.

This ‘House of Sparkle’ was open to the public for a short amount of time to book a stay during the holiday season. This campaign was used to help promote the other ‘5.7 million holiday homes that offer a unique experience and are available on booking.com’

Of course, with the house decked out in Booking.com collateral, it makes for a shareable moment for the brand, both from the inside and outside!

Let’s just take a moment of silence for those who had to clean 36,000 sequins.

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