In a world where there are more advertising mediums than you can count on your fingers, it can get tricky to find the one that’s right for your brand. In this post, we’d like to share four advantages of using mobile digital billboards as an advertising tool for increasing your brand’s exposure.

1. You can better reach your audience

Mobile digital billboards are usually placed on the side of a large moving vehicle, thus moving through streets and enabling the possibility of your ads encountering consumers in key public spaces. This possibility can be capitalized on through a number of factors such as by having the mobile digital billboards frequent high-profile events, bustling areas, trending neighborhoods, and more.

Perhaps you know that there’s an event filled with your target consumer audience at a given place this upcoming weekend. You could use mobile digital billboards to cruise through the event during its peak hours to increase your brand’s and your products’ exposure.

2. They are memorable

We know that we humans are visual creatures who largely consume information through our sense of sight. Advertising has ridden on the coattails of this detail for numerous decades, leaving us in a visually-over-saturated world of posters, magazine ads, television commercials and social media campaigns. The result of advertisements becoming increasingly familiar however, is that we’ve become somewhat unfazed by them.

This is where mobile digital billboards stand out against other types of advertisements; They combine the dynamic and energetic qualities of moving images, with the candid nature of public advertisements. This particular combination makes for an unexpected and memorable experience. Likewise, since audiences can’t just flip the page or navigate away from the ad the way they would with online media, your ad is more likely to have a sustained and engaging impact.

3. They are cost-efficient

It’s certainly no secret that advertising your brand can cost you a pretty penny. A bill of tens of thousands of dollars can be waiting for you after just a single form of advertising.

By contrast, one of the biggest advantages of mobile digital billboards, is that they cost a fraction of what other advertising mediums such as television commercials or magazine ads cost. With these modest prices, you can rest assured that you’re getting your money’s worth.

4. You have more control over your campaign

Because mobile digital billboards are driven by private drivers, you can control where you want your advertisements to go, and how long they’ll be there for.

You’ll also have the flexibility to interact with the unexpected. Say a large crowd has developed in an urban space for example, perhaps people are waiting in line for the newest iPhone or watching a street performance. Mobile digital billboards can allow you to target these ephemeral crowds at the drop of a hat. This contrasts the passive nature of stationary billboards that require audiences to cross their path in order for them to be seen and in turn, effective.

mobile digital billboards

In Sum

Mobile digital billboards are effective advertising mediums that draw in audiences attention all while being budget-friendly. 

If you’re interested in how we can use our premium quality mobile LED screens to increase your brand’s exposure, drop us a line! We’d love to chat.

-Written by Melinda Pierre-Paul Cardinal, Content Creator for LVM